Ascension Island

AF 003

07 95 S 14 37 W


St Helena Island

AF 022

15 95 S 05 70 W

Am I in the Log? (ready for Wednesday 21/Thurday 22 March)


The Dxpedition

Members of Barry Amateur Radio Society in the UK are mounting a Dxpedition to ZD7 & ZD8 between 19 March and 19 April 2001. This will allow us 8 days on Ascension & 17 on St Helena with 7 days of travelling between the islands and the UK. The British team will comprise of four members made up of three operators and one SWL.

Data & SSB
Doug G0WMW

Sherri Lynn SWL


Chief Pilot Station

Our Chief Pilot is Ken Dons GM0AXY, who's QTH is in Edinburgh, Scotland. His email address is KenDons@compuserve.com You can read Ken's radio profile on the operation page.


Latest News

19th March - Well folks its the 19th and this is the day we leave. We are meeting at RAF Brize Norton at 20.00hrs to check in, park our vehicles and wait for the flight to depart at 23.00 hrs. We arrive at Ascension around 07.30 hrs, 20th March. Providing we all sleep during the flight we should be fit to get all our equipment delivered to the QTH and install as much as we can during the day/evening. We may have a station on air by late evening, but otherwise it will be sometime during the Wednesday 21st. From today the latest news will be posted by Ken our Pilot and will be available at the top right of the web page labelled 'News'. So from all the team thanks again for everyones help, support and best wishes and we look forward to working you from ZD8K then ZD7K. Vy 73 to all from the team.

18th March - The log search facility has been up dated and will now just confrim your band and mode. Many thanks to Richard G4ZFE for assisting Ken our Pilot modify this. Also thanks again Jon from Crystal Communications for putting the Latest News page on the top right of the pages. This will be up dated by Ken once we are away on the dxpedition. Doug has reported good results from testing the homebrew band pass units for the WARC bands. Adrian G0CAC has kindly tested all of these units. Serious packing and weighing going on tomorrow for all of us I am sure! Rich says 'since my new Advent notebook with SDX is keying my Kenwood 570 so beautifully, along with my ETM 9C in parrallel, I don't really want to disamantle and pack it up, but tomorrow I must!'

17th March - Over this weekend we plan to install a new separate Late News page. This will be updated by Ken GM0AXY.

20.00 Hrs 16th March - From Doug; I phoned Curnow this morning, in response to a letter received from them yesterday. The RMS St Helena is running three days late at present. This means that we will be sailing from ZD8 on 30 MARCH (was 27th) and arriving ZD7 01 APRIL. We have to confirm embarkation times with Curnow's agent (AIS) when we arrive on ZD8. Glyn has confirmed with AIS that our accommodation arrangements are OK for the revised schedule. On the return leg, we now depart ZD7 16 APRIL (was 14th) and arrive ZD8 18 APRIL, so we are still in line to catch the plane home on 19th. See the revised schedule below.

01.00 16th March - Three special thank you's are in order; Being the last working day before our departure next Monday we all have several things to achieve before close of business today and active weekends for sure! Whilst the log search facility is up and running and tested, we are hoping Richard G4ZFE will give us some assistance and advice in fine tuning it when he returns from Stuttgart this weekend. We can report considerable excitement in the camp as the six months of planning, which has included huge numbers of telephone calls and emails, finally comes down to 'see you next Monday at 20.00 hours at Brize'.


To our friends on the Islands who, encouraged us to visit in the first place and have helped us continuously throughout the last 6 months, Barrie ZD7MY, Bruce ZD7VC & Johnny ZD8KW, thank you guys and look forward to seeing you soon! Adrian G0CAC for helping Doug with the Band pass filters. Tony G0OPB for advice on filters. The D68C team including Martin G3ZAY and Nigel G4KIU regarding the log search and Don G3XTT regarding LF antennas for the islands. Phil G3SWH for your help and advice. Jon at Crystal Communications for finally uploading our log check facility. W1NG, G3XYP, GW8ASA, UA6JD, ZF1DC and GW4BLE for your good wishes. Alf MW1AML for a superb dxpedition T-shirt design. John GW0ACH and Rob MW1COE for making Rich's new Notepad work! Many Thanks Dave GM3COQ. Andy G4OJH, Peter G3TJE and John G0JQN for your best wishes. Keith G3TTC for offering to come and give us a hand. All our sponsors and supporters listed on sponsors page. Richard G4ZFE for helping with the Log Search facility. Sid K3SX for your best wishes.


The Schedule - *Revised*

Monday 19 March
Fly UK to Ascension Is
Tuesday 20 March
Set up Stations/Antennas
Wednesday 21 March - Friday 23 March
On Air ZD8
Saturday 24 March - Sunday 25 March
Monday 26 March - Wednesday 28 March On Air ZD8 - Total 8 days ZD8
Thursday 29 March (may need to be earlier)
Complete de-rig and pack!
Friday 30 March - Sunday 01 April
Sail ZD8 to ZD7
Monday 02 April
Set up Stations/Antennas
Tuesday 03 April - Saturday 14 April
On Air ZD7 - Total 12 days ZD7
Sunday 15 April (may need to be earlier)
Complete de-rig and pack!
Monday 16 April - Wednesday 18 April
Sail ZD7 to ZD8
Thursday 19 April
Fly Ascension Is to UK



All callsigns are now confirmed. The Dxpedition calls will be ZD7K and ZD8K and personal calls ZD7 and ZD8 ANA, WM & BVJ respectively.


We will be active on all bands including WARC, 160 and 6 and all modes. It is our intention to take part in the CQ WW WPX Contest from ZD8 on 24/25 March 2001, but it does depend on the time we have to have the crates delivered to the berth in order to catch the ship on Tuesday 27th. We will be operating CW and SSB all bands as well as RTTY and PSK31 and other data modes. We understand ZD7 is needed on the LF bands and will make special efforts to be on 80m/160m with the 74ft inverted L built by Doug.


The initial purpose of this expedition was to commemorate the work done at the two islands namely Ascension and St Helena as the communication centre for Britain in the Southern latitudes. These communications were done for nearly 100 years in morse and now that mode has officially ended, we felt it should not pass without some recognition.

We must also thank all our sponsors and look forward to seeing you in the pileups.

Please feel free to browse around the web site, If you have anything you would like added, please don't hesitate to contact us


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